Investigate the Script

The script is alive. The professional actor needs to learn the skill of script analysis. It is the art of uncovering the possibilities within the lines, between the lines, and underneath the lines. Acting is doing – – physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Partner with the writer

In this process, you will discover how to ask yourself meaningful questions about the text. Also, you will learn what it means to create a partnership with the writer. Breaking down and analyzing the material is an art unto itself. Exploring this craft allows the actor to answer essential questions. Also, it is similar to a musician interpreting a piece of music.

The Memorization Trap

Many actors ask, “How do I memorize my lines?” Memorization for its own sake is destructive to creating the real life of a character. When an actor memorizes by rote, it traps him in a mental prison: the prison of “acting the lines”. Once the actor falls into the memorization trap, it becomes difficult to escape. Therefore, script analysis, when used effectively can create freedom within the actor. Then, the lines root themselves in truth and human behavior.

Find inspiration using Script Analysis

While some methods tend to put actors into their heads, our method helps the actor learn the process of exploring the possibilities of the material. As a result, you will bring specificity and inspiration to your craft.

The process will teach you:

  • The history of script analysis, from Stanislavski, to Harold Clurman, to Susan Batson.
  • The fundamental secrets of the process.
  • How to apply the tools to material.
  • How to use script analysis to see what other actors miss and gain more confidence in your auditions and the rehearsal process.

This curriculum will include a step by step presentation of the basic principles of script analysis as developed by Harold Clurman and Susan Batson. Then, a practical application of these principles with material provided, and applying these principles in a rehearsal setting. This is an ongoing curriculum taught by Greg Braun.