In a recent interview, “Breaking Bad” actor Bryan Cranston gave some of the best audition advice to young actors: “My biggest note to any young actor, when you go in for an audition you are not trying to get a job. If you associate an audition with trying to get a job (a job interview) you will ultimately fail. If you can grasp this and nothing else, this might save your career – – save your sanity. You’re there to do your job, which is to create an interesting character and present it. That’s what an actor does. We have to grasp it and we have to nurture it – that this is what we love to do.”

When was the last time you just got excited about getting an audition, as opposed to feeling panic and dread? How do you move past the blocks of fear, frustration and anger about the audition process? We believe that there are three solutions to this problem:

1) An actor, like every artist must have consistent practice.

2) An actor must be comfortable in their creativity, in ownership of their power and not put themselves at the mercy of others.

3) An audition is always an opportunity to work. You are there to do your job, not get a job.

At New Collective LA our On Camera Audition sessions go well beyond your typical Audition Technique class. In our process, we address the technical aspects of the audition process but we also stay true to our philosophy of nurturing the artist. We help you take back your power in your auditions. Our class not only provides the actor with consistent practice, but we also make it a priority to help the actor always approach auditioning with the joy of their creative process.