New Collective’s Greg Braun was recently featured in LA weekly:

Thought leaders are the individuals who inspire, influence, and shape the future. In 2023, these are the top 10 thought leaders that you should be following for inspiration, guidance, and innovative ideas.

6. Gregory Braun

The story of the actor trying fruitlessly to make it in the industry is as old as time. Not among Gregory Braun’s clientele. The New Collective Acting Studio is about achieving dramatic success and appreciating art as a way of life to get there.

Located in Los Angeles for almost 15 years, Gregory’s studio has undoubtedly seen plenty of budding actors come and go. He understands that acting is a marathon, not a sprint, and connecting emotionally to the subject contributes to greatness.

As for the groundwork, Gregory focuses on inspiring, challenging, and nurturing his artists. If you’re committed, his role is to unleash your unique talent in the theatrical world. Art is to be loved, and acting is to be mastered. Realizing that brings Gregory’s clients one step closer to a better quality of life.

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