The following is an excerpt from the Huffington Post’s recent profile of the New Collective LA  Acting Studio. See the original article here: The Huffington Post New Collective LA Profile

Artistic Living In A Practical World

by Kyriaki Chonacas

Manage your own life, design your own schedule, do not wait around to be creative. We get into that thing where we might just be waiting for the phone to ring. Constantly show up and get creative no matter what on your life’s journey. Don’t waste your time in this life – create your own vision.

With the ups and downs in the business and in life The New Collective LA is a place where you can go to during the in-between and land on a stage. Cry, laugh, rage it out, whatever it may be come stretch out and understand all of your emotions with a greater capacity. By doing this not only do you understand yourself more with support, but you also understand other humans more and, in turn you will have more compassion for mankind. Come discover, fail with no expectations and know you’ll always have a place to land.

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The Huffington Post New Collective LA Profile


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