Please see our update below about temporary online classes while we continue the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic:
Dear Actors,
  We hope you are all doing well, and staying safe and healthy! We have been monitoring the reopening process in Los Angeles closely. Our aim is to take a small step forward sometime in June, and allow for one on one in person sessions at the acting studio. The appointment making system would remain in place, and actors would have the choice to have their session in person, or virtually. If we can take this step, keeping the appointment making structure will help us adhere to social distancing guidelines. By appointment sessions would take place Monday – Thursday with slightly extended hours. Our Actor’s Gym will remain virtual every Friday. According to LA’s guidelines, it seems that we would not be able to have our in person Actor’s Gym until the last phase of LA’s reopening process. We hope to announce this first step soon. Stay tuned! 
Our Friday virtual group “Actor’s Gym” continues to be a success! We will continue this on a weekly basis until we can finally get back to in person classes. Here is how to participate:
Friday’s Actor’s Gym will be conducted using “Zoom”. If you’re interested in joining Friday’s session, please email me at before Friday’s session.  I will conduct the virtual session at the acting studio. I will send you a link to the session within 15 minutes before the session begins (we will begin at 12 noon on Friday). Please choose a song you would like to move to (no more than 3 or 4 minutes in length, please). We will begin with an awareness, everyone will have a chance to play their song and move, then I’ll lead everyone through the preparation. The performance portion will be done for the entire group. You can find the piece of the day on our website in the “Actor’s Gym” class description. 
One on one class sessions are still available Monday – Thursday between the hours of 12noon and 3pm. Sessions can be made by appointment every 1/2 hour. It’s very easy to make an appointment by using the following link:
Sessions will be conducted via Skype at username: newcollectivela
FaceTime is also available if you prefer at 323-228-1880
Our regular one on one scheduled sessions proceeds as follows:
  If scheduling an “Actor’s Gym” session, the piece of the day will be posted on our website in the class description page for “Actor’s Gym”. The sides for “On Camera Audition” can be found in their usual area of our website, the class description page for “On Camera Audition”. As always, you are also free to work on your own material. If participating in an “Actor’s Gym” session, please feel free to do your own preparation and Greg will take it from there. You are also encouraged to use the session in any way that you like.  For enrolled actors, all virtual sessions will be counted as one of your classes and there will be no extra charge. For those enrolled actors that prefer to wait until in person classes resume, you will still receive full credit for your classes when we resume.
  If you’d like to schedule a virtual private coaching session with Greg, you can make an appointment via email. Also, feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions.
Hang in there, stay safe, stay creative, and let’s go to war with this virus with our art!
Greg & Matthew
The New Collective