Our mentor, Susan Batson, instilled in us the belief that stardom was not for the select few, anointed by the studios or media, but rather we are all in possession of a personal genius, an internal nebula that with love and attention can shine as bright as any star in the universe.

In appreciation of all of our collective inner stars, we are turning our gaze upon some of the amazing talents that grace our doors every day. We are pleased to present the New Collective Artist series.

New Collective Artist Series: Elvis Nolasco


Elvis Nolasco with John Ridley

“I like fiction, but I would rather take non-fiction any time. I like characters who have depth and who may face internal struggles. Flawed characters appeal to me,” explained Elvis Nolasco.

The talented actor is enjoying a very diverse career in theater, television, and feature films. As Carter Nix and Principal Chris Dixon in American Crime, Elvis has received both critical praise and widespread audience appreciation. Along with his fellow cast members, he won the Satellite Award for Best Cast – Television Series for the show. He was also nominated for a 2015 Critics’ Choice Award as well as a 2015 Satellite Award for his work in American Crime.

Explaining that he feels blessed and truly grateful for his role on the show, Elvis stays grounded and keeps the focus on his artistry. He prepared for his roles in American Crime at The New Collective, where he embraced and enjoyed doing the intense work of finding the unfulfilled needs of the characters in the Actor’s Journey class.

Elvis balanced that preparation with practical research on the world that his characters inhabit, exploring what their day-to-day lives would really be like.


Elvis Nolasco on the set

“With Principal Chris Dixon, I went to George Washington High School, which is my alma mater in New York, and I spoke to the school principal there now. In LA, I went to Van Nuys High School, where I went to Principal Yolanda Gardea. I shadowed her and asked her questions. I watched her deal with 2,500 students. I watched how she handles it and how she navigates. I sat with her, and I was really grateful that she took the time to do that. it was a learning experience for me. They have the hardest job ever. Teachers, school administrators, and principals have the hardest job ever, and I was able to go in there and witness that. I was privileged to learn from that before going in front of the cameras to play Principal Dixon.”

“The fact that I am able to learn is what I really, really enjoy,” Elvis revealed. “I appreciate the freedom of expression I have. That’s one of the things I love about acting, especially when you look at it as your craft, your art, and your voice. What I love about it is that I am constantly learning.”

The Native New Yorker was also very passionate when explaining the diverse array of actors who have inspired and influenced his own work. He enjoyed watching Jackie Gleason in The Honeymooners, raving about how Gleason moved and utilized the stage.  Other actors he admires include Sidney Poitier, Denzel Washington, Shirley MacLaine, Rita Moreno, and Matthew McConaughey.

Elvis also expressed his admiration for Greg Braun and Matthew Word of The New Collective, explaining that he found the studio not long after it opened. “When I got there, and I saw what they were doing, and how they were doing it…there was a genuine feeling that came about me. There was an immediate connection and an immediate feeling of community, a feeling of like I was home, like I was in a place where there was trust. I could feel free to do my art and discover the things as an artist that I wanted to tap into…I’ve been there ever since, so I’ve been going regularly to The New Collective for six years now.”

So what’s next for the talented actor?

“I am working on my own projects right now that I am looking forward to developing. I have my little production company, and I have my dreams of just being able to collaborate with other people and get other people’s stuff done. There’s so much talent out there, and it’s just a matter of being able to use what you have to get what you want. In addition to my personal projects, I’ve been auditioning a lot. I have several things cooking, but they haven’t yet reached the point of well done.”

With how much Elvis has already accomplished in his acting career, the sky’s the limit for his future. We’ll be watching and cheering him on.

You can follow Elvis on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. His IMDB page is often updated with current and future projects. You can watch American Crime on ABC each Wednesday night or catch reruns online.

Profile written by Robin Raven:

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