Stanislavski System

New Collective LA is the only acting program in Los Angeles that gives actors the opportunity to work on their craft five days a week, Monday-Friday.

“Actor’s Gym” provides the actor with a full workout of the acting instrument – much like an athlete works muscles in the body or a musician practices their instrument every day, Actor’s Gym does the same for the actor.

Stanislavski said, “… a sculptor kneads his clay before he begins to use it, and a singer warms up his voice before his concert. We need to do something similar to tune our inner strings, to test the keys, pedals and the stops.”

A typical Actor’s Gym class has three parts: part one is a comprehensive workout of your instrument with an awareness exercise, movement with music and opening up to your creativity. Part two is a sensory preparation, exercising your emotional flexibility and your imagination. Part three is performing a piece of material On Camera while holding onto elements of the preparation. All of the on camera footage is then uploaded to our Video Archive for later viewing in the privacy of your own home.

Actor’s Gym is a great way to introduce yourself to our program and experience the process – you can bring your own material or work on the material provided. For brand new actors, one free audit is permitted!