We promote acting as a lifestyle by nurturing creativity

A Boutique Acting Studio

Matthew Word

“Our focus is to support, nurture and inspire the artist” – Matthew Word

The New Collective is a boutique acting studio founded in October of 2009 by Matthew Word and Greg Braun with a mission to provide working actors with a full service conservatory to promote acting as a primary art form and as a lifestyle. This training program satisfies the work ethic and training demanded by the film and television industry in Los Angeles, while placing an emphasis on the craft of acting. We aim to inspire, challenge and support the actor in every aspect of their artistic journey. 

“We are the people who can create the new world!” – Harold Clurman

The key to providing the best professional training program lies in our commitment to offering a space where actors can consistently work on their craft. We are passionate about maintaining a nurturing and empowering sense of community, giving the actor clear guidance and honest encouragement. The New Collective is the only acting school in Los Angeles where you can design your own program while enhancing your craft every single day. Here you can direct your focus where you need it most at the rate that best fits your goals.


Greg Braun

Improve your audition skills, deepen your craft, prepare for a role, develop your instrument and achieve your goals…” – Greg Braun

We offer classes on a schedule that allows for flexibility and a custom curriculum. Our membership program offers a walk-in environment that promotes focus, discipline and a healthy creative lifestyle. We provide professional training based
bOOKon the teachings of Constantin Stanislavski, Lee Strasberg, Susan Batson and Harold Clurman. We strive to nurture excellence in acting, while helping actors prepare for the demands of the film and television industry.

No other Los Angeles acting school offers as much flexibility, variety and opportunity to act on stage or in front of a camera. Become a member to start engaging in the scene study process, creating three dimensional characters, shooting new scene projects and mastering your audition skills.

  < Special thanks to Susan Batson for her guidance and inspiration