Before becoming an actress, Sondra Kerr Blake had an extensive career as a dancer/choreographer, having choreographed, written music to and performed that solo work by famed choreographer, Lester Horton. Age eleven, birth certificate altered to read eighteen, Sondra became a starring member of Horton’s Dance Theater Company.

As an actress, Sondra trained with acting coach gurus Sanford Meisner, Stella Adler, Martin Landau, Lee Strasberg and is a lifetime member of The Actors Studio. Sondra has worked in lead feature roles directed by film directors Hal Ashby, Franklin Schaffner, Mark Rydell, Sam Peckinpah, Tony Bill, Richard Brooks, Herb Ross, Etc.

As an acting coach, East and West coast agents, casting directors and managers consistently send actors to Sondra for private audition coaching and group classwork. She is arduously committed to giving back by guiding and mentoring talent in developing their craft and their careers.