Industry Prep


*Industry prep will resume in late January of 2018 – exact date TBA!

Hosted by Susan Batson Studio’s

Wass Stevens

Now actors can join any time. Must commit to 4 sessions at a time.

Thursday Nights from 6PM – 9PM

Space is limited!



Wass Stevens brings his years of experience as a working professional actor to help you bring your “A” game to your auditions.

This ongoing class will show each actor how to:

1) Craft, prepare and execute an on camera audition in a real world setting. Learn how to tell the story; understand the action, arc, point of crisis and super objective of the scene, and create a character’s need and emotional life.

2) Master the “procedural” elements of the audition process.

In addition to preparing the material, actors are expected to show up as if they are entering a real world audition, dressed and ready to present their work as well as interact with the casting director.

Actors can choose to prepare either a monologue or sides (although sides are recommended). Material can be provided by The New Collective, or actors can choose to prepare their own material.

Actors are required to arrive ready to audition. Each actor will go on tape, then all actors will watch the tape, receive coaching and adjustments, and “audition” a second time on tape, implementing the information received in the first round.

The second round will then be watched, and readjusted and coached as necessary.


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